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A widescreen 4″ iPhone? Maybe, though your palm says no.

I’ve talked before about since Apple creates their phones 3.5″ diagonally and why they will never be incomparable than 4″. Now a crafty reason of usually how that 4″ phone competence come about has been posted on The Verge forums by member Modilwar, desirous by a call in to a site’s podcast by Timothy Collins.

See, a hopes of a 4″ iPhone have always been mitigated by a problem of swelling a shade of a device yet immediately obsoleting each app constructed for a stream models. There are some 500K+ apps out there that would have to be totally rebuilt in sequence to work scrupulously with a incomparable screen. And afterwards there is a problem of augmenting a stretch of a shade while maintaining Apple’s Retina-level resolution.

The pull of a reason by Modilwar lies in a simplicity.  Instead of augmenting a altogether stretch of a phone, they advise that Apple will simply boost a length. This would concede many apps to simply boost a perspective area in between a bottom add-on bar and a tip standing bar, easing a interpretation of apps that use customary Apple tableviews and other components.


Unfortunately, this hits a wall when you’re articulate about apps that heavily use tradition graphics conflicting their interfaces, rather than batch Apple components or list views. These apps don’t get off easy with a ability to widen a listview sections out. They have to be rebuilt entirely. Many of a high peculiarity apps on a App Store use mostly tradition graphics.

“I’d mostly be annoyed,” pronounced Tapbots developer Paul Haddad, when we asked him how a device with a taller shade would impact their apps. “But Tweetbot could understanding with it flattering good given there’s zero in there that’s too tied to a shade size. Pastebot would be excellent too. Everything else would be really irritating to try to understanding with.”

He’s also not assured that changing usually a ‘height’ will make it any easier on developers during all. “I’m roughly certain a aspect ratio changing is a bigger emanate than a fortitude changing, yet both would suck. Just lift a shade size, keep a fortitude a same, make everybody yet some bloggers happy.”

It’s not even value deliberating central Apple apps, of march those will be updated. But a App Store is vast adequate now that movement is an issue. It’s a juggernaut that can’t focus on a dime, even if concessions were done to apps that use dual navigation bars that sandwich scalable content.

Your hand

And afterwards there is your hand. The iPhone is a accurate stretch and figure that it is since Apple does rigorous, insanely iterative, contrast on a products. Why do we consider that it is that we can ideally strech a tip dilemma of a iPhone’s shade with your thumb, all while regulating a phone one-handed?

Screen Shot 2012 04 10 during 2.56.51 PM2 520x356 A widescreen 4 iPhone? Maybe, yet your palm says no.

A demeanour during a wanton mockup of a ‘widescreen’ iPhone tells a tale. The aspect area of a shade that we can strech with your ride is severely reduced when a shade grows vertically, creation all of a icons around a dilemma harder to reach.

But we don’t even have to do a illusory mockup of a ‘wide screen’ 4″ iPhone to see what we mean. You can try it out on your possess device if we have a stream indication of iPhone. See, a stretch from where a dilemma of your palm and ride rests on a dilemma of a phone to where a tip of your ride rests on a tip right dilemma of a device. If you’re left handed, do a opposite.

Screen Shot 2012 04 10 during 3.04.25 PM2 520x416 A widescreen 4 iPhone? Maybe, yet your palm says no.

That is usually about where a tip dilemma of a shade would be located. You can see that, unless we have incomparable than normal hands, you’re looking during a decent volume of aria in sequence to get there. Unlike a stream iPhone’s screen, where roughly no stretching during all is indispensable to strech a tip corner, it’s a accordant bid to get there.

Even yet we can, a volume of bid indispensable to get we there means a lot of stretching and palm tired over a day’s usage.

I investigated these issues earlier, comparing a iPhone to a 4.3″ Droid Bionic, a Samsung Infuse 4G and a Galaxy S II and we came to a end that once we get above 3.5″, things get hairy flattering quick.

Almost any device over 4″ feels too vast to absolutely use a whole shade with usually one hand. My palm span, from ride to forefinger, is a small over 9″, that we know to be sincerely normal if not a small big. For people with smaller hands, a emanate is even worse.

The Droid Bionic (pictured middle), during a somewhat incomparable 4.3″, is also distant too vast to be gentle one-handed. Even if we try to use it privately with one hand, we still find myself unconsciously reaching over to daub it with my right. It seems like a .3″ shouldn’t make a difference, yet it does.

 A widescreen 4 iPhone? Maybe, yet your palm says no.


Changing a aspect ratio to 9:5 would concede a breadth to stay a same while augmenting a length to 3.49″, with a erratic of 3.99″. This would renovate a confortable ‘snapshot’ (don’t consider that is a coincidence) figure of a shade into something that is distant some-more widescreen.

That alone should be a red flag. Apple is dedicated to creation a iPhone a usually camera we need to lift with you. Changing a aspect ratio of a shade heavily in this approach would make observation customary snapshots a distant worse knowledge and copy them a matter of distress. The 4:3 ratio that a iPhone shoots photographs during is iconic. And it also matches a figure of a iPhone’s screen—and a iPad’s—very closely.

Photo Apr 10 3 43 17 PM A widescreen 4 iPhone? Maybe, yet your palm says no.Photo Apr 10 3 43 09 PM A widescreen 4 iPhone? Maybe, yet your palm says no.

In fact, a images are ever so somewhat wider than a 3:2 shade can display. You can see this by pinching in on an picture in your camera roll. You’ll notice a black bars on a tip and bottom. Apple wants to benefaction we with a unchanging full shade perspective that shows off a photograph, even if it has to stand it somewhat in normal viewing. With a widescreen display, it would usually be arrangement we a splinter of an picture shot during 4:3, creation it unfit to arrangement a full shade picture yet it looking ridiculously cropped.

In sequence to do this it would have to start shipping widescreen images, that it would never do.

I worked in photography and copy labs for years. Trust me when we tell we that cameras sharpened ‘widescreen’ images caused a many suspense and issues when it came to digital cameras. People usually don’t know it. Apple knows this and wants people to see, fire and share images during a stretch that is gentle to them. Perhaps a new camera interface would use usually a apportionment of a shade to fire a images, and afterwards they would be displayed by usually arrangement a splinter of a picture initially. But we doubt it.

Maybe 4″, yet substantially not widescreen

The conclusions that we reached final time still reason today:

The iPhone’s screen, during 3.5″, turns out to be scarcely a rise of what is gentle being used with one hand. Now, my opinion differs from Curtis’ in that we consider a 4″ shade would indeed work usually fine…as prolonged as it was no larger.

An iPhone 5 with a 4″ shade would be a good strike in stretch and we don’t consider that it would impact usability as most as one even a entertain of an in. bigger. But we can gamble that Apple will be building and contrast it—hundreds of times if necessary—before we ever see it.

Unfortunately, a boost in stretch joined with a fact that it’s all put into a ‘vertical’ dimension make me consider that this is an doubtful tender when we demeanour during it from a usability standpoint. Nothing is for sure, of course, and this sold reason is good suspicion out, yet we consider that there is adequate justification to expel it into doubt, generally formed on a ratio change.

Thanks to Jeff Benjamin for a home screen.

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