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A week with a Motorola Droid Bionic: Too most of a good thing?

Computerworld – The Droid Bionic, a latest top-of-the-line Android phone from Motorola Mobility and Verizon Wireless ($300 with a two-year plan), is some-more of everything. The antithesis — that we detected after operative with a phone for a week — is that all that some-more winds adult being rather less.

It’s impossible, as usual, to protest about a peculiarity of Motorola’s hardware. The Bionic, during 2.6 x 5.0 x 0.4 in. and 5.6 oz., is about a same distance and weight as a Droid X and X2, and slimmer than many other LTE phones.

I found a 4.3-in. arrangement to be splendid adequate for outdoors, nonetheless we wouldn’t gloat about a peculiarity of a film in full daylight.

The 4 Android duty buttons along a bottom are targets on a glass, not tangible buttons. Volume keys are on a right edge, energy and headphone on a top, USB and HDMI ports on a left.

There are cameras on a behind and front — a one on a behind is an considerable 8 megapixels; it can take 1080p movies. The front-facing camera is a customary 480 x 640 VGA.

All good, all fitting a smartphone that boasts a high-end Android build: chronicle 2.3.4, Gingerbread.

What’s uninformed about a Bionic is that it’s using a 1 GHz dual-core processor and connects to Verizon’s 4G LTE network. As with all other LTE phones, a Bionic’s connectivity rocks, and it now has a processor that can keep up.

The Bionic can also act as a mobile hotspot for adult to 5 devices. And like a cousin, ATT’s Motorola Atrix 4G, a Bionic can offshoot adult to a accumulation of accessories, including a “lapdock” that turns it into a netbook. (Pricing for a Bionic’s lapdock was not accessible when we wrote this.)

Motorola Mobility has also done some engaging tweaks to a vanilla Android UI, lifting a ghost that some of them competence find their approach into after revisions from Motorola’s new corporate master, Google. The categorical Home shade now has 4 user-configurable speed-dial targets; texting and camera apps now seem on a bottom of each Home screen. Motorola appears to be rolling out that interface to other phones by updates.

Perhaps some-more consequentially, we can now classify your commissioned apps by groups; we can uncover a menu of only your games, only your core apps, only your amicable apps, whatever. It’s utterly convenient, and improved than a iOS reflection functionality.

As distant as simple functionality goes, calls sounded good and camera peculiarity was generally OK, yet like any other phone camera, no one would mistake it for a digital SLR.

A prohibited smartphone — literally

It all sounds really hot. And feverishness was a initial denote that something was amiss. After an hour or so of use, it became apparent that a Bionic could really scarcely comfortable a tiny cabin on a cold night.

But not for really long, that is a genuine problem. Android phones are frequency lauded for prolonged battery life. Similarly, LTE radios sup power. Even with a large 1736 mAh battery, a Droid Bionic didn’t come tighten to durability a customary business day. In a integrate of cases, it didn’t make it to a four-hour mark, and that wasn’t underneath quite complicated demand. Turning on a hotspot, we imagine, would have sucked a phone dry.

I gave a phone to a corporate Blackberry partner who’s looking for a new ride. She complained for a integrate of days while she got used to a on-screen keyboard (she finished adult preferring a Swype choice — that we also find faster and easier to use — to a customary Android keyboard). She was entrance around to accept and even suffer Android‘s coherence and interface, many quite a Google syncing — in fact, it wasn’t that easy to examine a Bionic divided from her. But, generally for a business user, a brief battery life was a sale-killer.

Even for $299 with a two-year contract, there’s an awful lot to like about a Droid Bionic: good performance, a excellent display, entrance to Verizon’s LTE network and a ability to act as a mobile hotspot. But if we get this phone, get used to carrying a gangling battery or two, or spin off a 4G radio to save power. With a Droid Bionic, energy government will be a fact of life — you’ll need to select possibly full-time 4G information or a full day of all else.

Dan Rosenbaum, by day a search strategist and calm maven, has been reviewing mobile record given a 1990s. His MicroTAC and StarTAC phones are still in a box somewhere.

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