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A walking (joy)stick for a blind! – Yanko Design


Design for so many people is such a visible medium, one contingency ask oneself… If we mislay steer from a pattern experience, does it still sojourn a good product? we find conceptualizing for a visually marred utterly an engaging domain, since they knowledge products in a approach we don’t, or some-more importantly, cant. Try doing whatever it is you’re doing right now (eating a meal, perhaps) with your eyes closed. It’s a totally opposite knowledge that many people might not be gentle with.

The Cloudandco Smart Cane by Brandon and Max takes on a plea of conceptualizing a product with an knowledge that is distant from visual. The ergonomic smart cane comes as only a joystick hoop with an involuntary telescoping hang that shoots out when switched on. However, a walking hang doesn’t stop there. It connects to an app on a smartphone, indeed running a user to destinations they set. The Smart Cane can give off quivering and audio feedback, running a user to their destination. Users can toggle by destinations regulating a symbol on a top. There’s even a braille row on a behind that can promulgate with a user.

The Smart Cane takes a non-visual knowledge serve by permitting a users to assign it wirelessly. Instead of carrying them fiddle with ports and cables, a Smart Cane can only be placed on a charging pad and it automatically gets charged for when it’s compulsory next!

Designers: Brandon Cooke Max Dahl






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