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A new Google "Wireless Streaming Device" strike a FCC: What it could be

A poser new Google hardware device has been speckled flitting by a FCC, yet sum on only what a wireless tool competence be are still in brief supply. Described as a “wireless streaming device” there’s no revelation possibly this could be a new Chromecast, something to do with Google Stadia, or something else.

As always, yet a FCC’s apparatus authorisation routine can brief a beans that there’s something new coming, it doesn’t always prove a each curiosity. While a sovereign group final regulatory contrast on things like radio receiver performance, it doesn’t always tell anything over a sincerely dry reports on that.

So, with Google carrying practical for a FCC’s confidentiality – covering things like outmost and inner contrast photos for during slightest 180 days – it’s tough to contend accurately what a poser device competence be. Thanks to a wireless exam report, during least, we know it has WiFi 2.4/5GHz support and Bluetooth (BLE). It runs off a USB 5V energy supply.

The tag – that will be merged on a back, Google says – shows a FCC ID of A4RGJQ9T, and a indication number, GJQ9T.

One probability is a new Chromecast, with Android Police indicating out that last year’s model was speckled in a FCC’s database around this time in 2020. That, though, was listed as an “Interactive Media Streaming Device,” that could advise this new tool is something different. The tag figure for that is not a same either, with this new one a wider rectangle, yet what’s submitted isn’t always accurately what appears on a final product.

Google does, of course, have a few opposite wireless platforms to consider. Another probability is something to do with Google Stadia, a company’s cloud gaming system. That now uses a Chromecast Ultra to bond to a TV, yet Google could always be meditative of new hardware to streamline that or make it some-more affordable.

With a attainment of yesterday’s new Nest line-up, including a new Nest Doorbell and 3 versions of a Google-owned company’s AI-toting cameras, it seems doubtful that Google would have another Nest product so soon. And, while a Pixel 5a is believed to be right around a dilemma – as a some-more affordable chronicle of a stream 5G flagship Android phone – a indication codes don’t compare what we’re expecting.

So, it’s a mystery, yet a suspicion of another Google warn after in a year isn’t accurately a unsatisfactory idea. It might good be that we have to wait until around Sep and a approaching full entrance of a Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro to see what accessories Google has lined adult alongside the new Android handsets.

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