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A multifunctional slot shave true off a Christmas wish list of any EDC lover!

Dango is in a joining of a possess when it comes to rarely organic EDC products, generally their super intelligent and modular wallets. And now they’ve taken things a nick aloft with their latest ‘Pocket Clip’. Dango’s Pocket Clip is no standard clip, as is standard of a brand, a EDC does most some-more than a name suggests. Crafted from Dango’s iconic multiple of 6061 CNC machined aluminum with formed immaculate steel and mil-spec bolts, a Pocket Clip is fit for years of severe and tough use.

As a stand-alone, a shave can reason it’s own. Easily attachable to your pocket, belt or strap, a shave is your messenger during all times. It can also reason together your money while portion as a nifty small money clip. In fact, it can reason 10-12 bills or even some-more Dango claims! One finish of a shave also functions as a bottle opener. Popping open a bottle of drink during a celebration has never been easier! Equipped with a keyhole, a Pocket Clip can be used as a keychain as well, or as an anchor to support and reason together all your changed EDC items. With Dango’s Pocket Clip tethering all together, a days of losing your residence keys are prolonged gone.

However, Dango pumped things adult serve by conceptualizing a Pocket Clip to element any Dango M-series Bifold Wallet we might own. You could use it as a standard shave and fasten it onto your wallet, or we could slip it by a overlay of a Bifold Wallet, and watch as a shave becomes a cohesive member of it. Efficiently commissioned to your wallet, a shave can reason your money but we carrying to fret.

Aesthetically singular and pleasing, multifunctional and versatile, we know a EDC apparatus we could all use this Christmas! Dango’s Pocket Clip is certain to be on each EDC lover’s wishlist.

Designer: Dango

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