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A Call For Better Smartphone Brand Management

February 14, 2012

Have we beheld all a opposite code names used in smartphones today? HTC smartphone brands embody Sensation, Explorer, Rhyme and Titan. Samsung smartphone brands embody Galaxy Captivate, Fascinate, Focus, Nexus, Epic, Indulge and Acclaim. Motorola smartphone brands embody Attrix, RAZR, Photon, Bionic, Electrify and Triumph. MetroPCS smartphone brands embody Wildfire, Presto, Admire and Esteem. BlackBerry smartphone brands embody Curve, Bold, Torch, Style and Pearl. These are usually examples. There are many some-more out there.

It seems like each new smartphone or inscription indication that comes to marketplace has a opposite name. What’s a patron to do? How can consumers presumably keep them true or know a differences from one code name to another? I know we can’t, and we work in a industry!

To make matters worse, Verizon Wireless has adopted DROID as a difficulty code name that is used to report any smartphone that incorporates a Android handling system. Verizon Wireless afterwards tacks on an additional code name to DROID to conclude a tangible model, e.g. DROID RAZR, DROID Bionic or DROID Charge, DROID X2 and DROID Incredible. So don’t try going into an ATT store and ask for a DROID smartphone.

The reason that smartphone manufacturers emanate these emotionally detailed names for many each indication is to compute one indication from another. In their query to emanate interest for their latest smartphone, smartphone manufacturers are also treacherous a impending patron since there are so many models available. Plus, a length of time from a introduction of one indication to another is reduction now than a few years ago, so a magnitude of new indication names entrance to marketplace is increasing.

Smartphone manufacturers need to take a doctrine from a vehicle attention and other consumer products companies. For example, Ford has their elementary brands such as Fusion, Edge, Focus, F-150 and Explorer. Each name stands for a decisive category of automobile with a focused aim market. These brands stay consistent from one year to a next. Then, a automobile manufacturers emanate several sub-brands to these elementary models to imply specific underline sets. If we go into a Ford play and ask to see an Edge, they competence have dual or 3 opposite models like SEL or XT. But Edge represents an SUV that is incomparable than a automobile though smaller than a full-sized SUV and gets improved gas mileage.

The smartphone manufacturers need to emanate a core name that stands for a category of smartphone and afterwards stay with that name from one indication to a next. For example, Samsung is relocating in that instruction by regulating a code name Galaxy for smartphones and afterwards serve sub-brands for a opposite variances and features. Recently, Samsung introduced their Galaxy Note, a new category of 7-inch tablets that uses Android though has pen-enhanced hardware and program that support a user in note taking.

Apple has finished an glorious pursuit with formulating durability mobile brands. The iPhone, iPod and iPad are all brands reserved to a decisive product class, and Apple uses these vital brands for mixed years. They compute by adding elementary monikers such as iPhone 4S or iPad 2 to report a opposite generations.

The one difference is a iPad touch. This device looks some-more like a skinny iPhone though doesn’t incorporate mobile radios. We trust this category of device would be improved called iTouch or some other identical “i” code name. And afterwards they could supplement mobile information to this category to yield “usage everywhere” rather than usually when a patron has entrance to Wi-Fi.

As a smartphone marketplace matures, smartphone manufacturers of these smashing inclination will comprehend that they should concentration on brands for vital device classes and afterwards supplement sub-brands so that a patron will not be confused and can some-more simply know a opposite kinds of smartphones. This will concede a consumer to concentration on a device category that is many suitable and afterwards “drill down” on a indication that creates a many clarity for him/her.

We’re now going by violent times in a economy, usually as we’re going by violent times in branding of smartphones. Hopefully, both a economy and branding of smartphones will turn reduction violent in a subsequent few years.

J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.D., is principal analyst/Mobile Wireless during MobileTrax LLC, and this square is reproduced with his permission. Contact him at gerry.purdy@mobiletrax.com.

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