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A 2-in-1 sham that lets we nap on your bed or during your desk!

No sham has looked during a act of sleeping or asleep as holistically as a Dullo. This nifty two-sided, custom-shaped sham comes with a good understanding of courtesy paid to all sorts of sleep, possibly it’s on your back, your side, on a sofa, or even your workspace (that’s if your trainer allows it). The Dullo is a ideal juncture between a device with medical benefits, as good as a device that’s usually good to use and own, since not usually does a Dullo help we snooze healthier, it’ll make we demeanour brazen to sleeping!

Dullo comes with dual apart sham designs fixed to any other to form one singular multi-purpose cushioned headrest. Analyzing opposite snooze patterns, possibly side of a Dullo is designed for a opposite snooze posture. A concave side gives your neck a ideal support to keep it and your spine in a scold viewpoint when we snooze on your back, while a some-more uniform side with ridges allows we to snooze simply on your side. Depending on that viewpoint we snooze in a most, a Dullo can simply be flipped to give we a gentle night’s sleep. It even comes with a trapezoid design, permitting we to stagger a sham to fit your comfort needs formed on your ergonomics, your mattress type, or even your mood.

The Dullo comprises dual particular halves that can be distant too. Splitting a Dullo in dual gives we dual thinner pillows that we can use possibly exclusively or hinged together to recline on a lounge or futon. Separating a Dullo in dual also lets we adjust a height, giving we an additional bit of control over your comfort. The split-pillow pattern also gives Dullo an combined use-case. You can trip your hands between dual pillows and use a Dullo to snooze during your desk! Providing a ideal set-up for a energy snooze during a workplace, a Dullo’s separate pattern cushions your conduct as good as your hands, permitting we to snooze while sitting during a table.

Dullo’s proceed to ideal snooze extends to a construction too, with a breathable fabric extraneous that keeps your head, neck, and arms cold and dry, and a short-thread microfiber stuffing on a inside that give a sham a ideal multiple of density and shape-memory. The microfibers come with a cloaking of silicon too, creation them moisture-repellent, and giving a Dullo a ability to be simply machine-washed each now and then, since hygiene also plays a vital purpose in a healthy night’s sleep!

Designer: Dullo

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With a built-in grooves and head-cradling hole in a ergonomic design, Dullo Pillow will safeguard that we get a good night’s sleep.

Designed to kindly cradle and support both your conduct and neck. The core void helps to uniformly discharge a weight via your conduct during any sleeping position via a night so that we can get a good night’s rest.

Dullo Pillow is cosy opposite a physique so that there is reduction weight on a conduct and neck to support a rest of a physique as we sleep.

Dullo Pillow delivers a best sleeping viewpoint famous to help people who humour from insomnia, anxiety, highlight and back/neck pain while sleeping.

5 Main Differences Between Dullo Other Pillows

1. Distribute Your Head Weight

Other pillows concede for too most transformation via a night that ends adult interfering with a peculiarity of sleep. The core void in Dullo Pillow kindly supports your conduct from all angles so that we can say a gentle position all via a night.

2. Neck Support Tube

Dullo Pillow contains dual support tubes that work to forestall a microfiber stuffing from changeable too most while concurrently providing cushioned support for a neck. The tubes have been designed to ideally mold to your neck so that it maintains a healthy C-curve figure so that we can snooze deeply via a night.

3. Designed for All Neck Lengths

Dullo Pillow has been designed to yield limit comfort and peculiarity snooze for opposite neck lengths. Dullo Pillow adjusts your physique position so that a spine aligns horizontally with a conduct and neck.

4. Microfiber Filling

Silicone-coated microfibers are effervescent and resilient, so pillows with this stuffing are not simply deformed. Dullo Pillow’s coated fiber filler absorbs micro shocks from your neck and shoulders and allows we to snooze comfortably. Unlike typical cotton, Dullo Pillow’s coated fiber filler is rarely water-resistant and breathable that allows for humidity/temperature control for a good night’s sleep.

5. Air Ventilation

Through a climax side hole and opening between a dual detachable sides, airflow goes by both sides and circulates around a conduct so that we can stay as cold as probable while you’re sleeping with Dullo pillow.

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