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7 Best Apps to Download on Your New Samsung Galaxy S5

If we recently purchased a newest book of Samsung’s Galaxy array a S5, afterwards we are substantially super vehement to download some new apps to get a many out of your phone.

The Galaxy S5 is a glorious device, though a further of a few keys apps can raise your delight exponentially.   Here are a few of my favorites and how they raise your experience.

Dynamic Notifications

This is a neat app that turns a close shade on a phone into a summary board.  When we accept a new SMS, email, or call, an idol lights adult on a close shade and information is displayed to let we know what has come in and who it is from.  This allows we to peek during your phone and confirm if it is something that needs or evident attention, or if it is something that can wait.

Milk Music        

This app is accessible usually in a US on Samsung phones.  It can be found in a Samsung apps store and it totally value a download.  Similar to Pandora, Milk Music allows we to tide customizable radio stations but a price and but ads.  So save your income on reward Spotify or Pandora memberships since we get this for giveaway with your Samsung purchase.

Google Keyboard

If we are anything like me, we find it tough to adjust to a new keyboard.  Years ago, we downloaded a Google keyboard and have kept with it.  It has gesticulate typing and a predictive content is discerning and easy.  we found a Samsung keyboard to be tedious, and we am certain we am not alone.  Try this one and we will come behind to it again and again.


Everyone on Earth needs Dropbox.  This app allows we to place files in a folder on your phone and afterwards they are automatically accessible on your PC, and clamp versa.  As a mom, we find this to be so really accessible for pictures.  When we take cinema with my phone, they are automatically placed in a Dropbox folder and accessible on my PC for when we select to imitation them or send them to family.  It is easy and giveaway for adult to 3GB of storage.


Similar to a keyboard design, we was not happy with a email interface.  we have a Hotmail comment that we have used for years, and this app gives me entrance to it in a approach that is really identical to a PC version.  It is elementary to set adult and creates gripping adult with email really easy.

Juice Defender

Although a battery life on a new Galaxy S5 is impressive, it is always a good thought to download a good battery saving app.  we like this one since it stays on tip of those irritating programs like navigation bundles, that come from a manufacturer on a new phone.  This app has a absolute charge manager and it operates in a credentials but interfering.

Samsung Chat On

This is another overwhelming app meant exclusively for Samsung patrons.  This app allows we to mix mixed discuss programs into one interface.  It can even promulgate with comparison non-smartphones.  So if we need to content your Great-Aunt Hilda on her ancient flip-phone, we can do that from this app as good as speak to your GF on her new phone.

Getting a new phone is so exciting!  There are so many ways to customize and make a device your possess that any and each phone out there is different.  Make your new Galaxy your possess by downloading apps.  If we don’t like them, we can always undo them.  Try out a few and find some new favorites today!


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