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5 Reasons a iPhone 5 Will Beat a Motorola Droid Bionic

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When a iPhone 5 finally launches it will be pitted opposite a Motorola Droid Bionic. If both of these phones can live adult to half of a hype consumers are in for a tough choice between dual extraordinary phones.

iPhone 5

iPhone 5 Artist Rendering

While we wait for a central sum to emerge, we wanted to give we a preview of what to design on any device. We’ll reason a final settlement until we go hands on, though while we wait, here are 5 reasons a iPhone 5 will kick a Droid Bionic.

If we wish to locate a flipside, be certain to review Adam’s take on 5 reasons because a Bionic should be in your slot instead of an iPhone 5.

ios 5 helps a iPhoneiOS 5

iOS 5 will launch this fall, expected alongside a iPhone 5, delivering a severely extended handling complement that addresses many of a complaints from iPhone detractors. The softened presentation system, iCloud integration, iMessaging and other iOS 5 facilities mix to broach an extraordinary mobile handling system.

There are places where Android is still in a lead, though many users still cite a iOS knowledge for palliate of use and altogether looks.

Perfectly Sized Retina Display

iphone 5 corner to corner arrangement leak

The iPhone 5 will expected underline a 4″ corner to corner display.

It looks like Apple is finally going to broach a incomparable screen, most likely with a high-end edge to corner design. Once we get a possibility to demeanour during a incomparable shade you’ll consternation how we survived personification games on a 3.5″ displays of final year’s phones.

Even a qHD displays on competing phones still can’t review to a frail content that Apple’s Retina arrangement delivers. You’ll notice a ideal distance of a 4″ arrangement when we play a diversion on a new faster processor, watch a Netflix film or review magazines and books

The Motorola Droid Bionic will expected be sporting a vast 4.5″ display, though do we unequivocally wish to try to lift a tiny inscription around in your slot everyday? After we cruise a energy empty from such a vast arrangement and from a 4G connection, you’ll be using behind to a reasonably sized iPhone 5 display.

Blazing Fast Processor

iPhone 5 will Have an A5 processor.

A5 Apple processor

The iPhone 5 will have a same processor that provides incredible graphics and performance on a iPad 2. How incredible? Expect to see a 2x boost in CPU opening and a 9x boost in graphics. Combine this with intelligence that allows a processor to delayed down when we don’t need a energy and you’re in for a prolonged battery life cherry on tip of your performance sundae.

The A5 processor delivers approach some-more energy than we can get from a iPhone 4 and once App developers put in a time, approach prettier apps afterwards you’ll find on a Droid Bionic. For some examples, usually demeanour during a alleviation in sum and textures found in Infinity Blade when played on a iPad 2 over a strange iPad.

Still need some convincing? What if we told you iOS is scheming to take over console gaming? Android phones competence have games, though iOS is still out forward on this one.

iphone accessories

The iPhone 5 will have some-more accessories


When we buy a iPhone 5 instead of a Droid Bionic, not usually do we get a some-more essential phone, we benefit entrance to a largest preference of aftermarket accessories in a world.

The Droid Bionic will have a dozen cases, docks and cradles; though a iPhone 5 will have thousands of choices of third-party accessories.

Everything from cases and sleeves to docks, automobile and bicycle docks to specialized camera cases and adapters is during your fingertips when you select a iPhone over a Bionic.

This competence not sound like a large understanding if we are already on a iOS side, though trust me, it is a large deal.

Choose Your Own Carrier, Even Unlimited Data

Sprint ATT and Verizon Logos

The iPhone competence be accessible on 3 or some-more carriers.

The Motorola Droid Bionic will usually be accessible on Verizon. While this means is that you’ll have quick 4G LTE coverage though if you’re a new customer, we won’t have total 4G information due to Verizon’s new tiered information plans. The iPhone 5 on a other palm will be accessible on Verizon and ATT for certain. Additionally, we have listened from several analysts that a iPhone 5 will land on Sprint, where we can get an attractively priced total information plan.


We are still watchful for Apple to betray accurately what a iPhone 5 will do, though formed on all we know, a iPhone 5 looks like a most improved buy for a normal user during this time. It doesn’t harm that many iPhone 5 buyers will already have a engorgement of apps that they would need to leave behind to switch to a Droid Bionic.

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