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4 Reasons Why a HTC ThunderBolt ICS Update Could Be Late

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Over a past few weeks, many HTC ThunderBolt owners have asked me a identical question: When do we consider HTC will recover a HTC ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich update? And while we wish we knew a accurate answer, we don’t. However, we do have my premonition (it’s not done by LG) and my tummy tells me that HTC is going to skip tomorrow’s deadline and recover a refurbish in September.

There are 4 reasons for that feeling yet I’ll get to those in a second. First, some background.

I wasn’t a slightest bit astounded that HTC announced ICS for a HTC ThunderBolt progressing this year, yet we consider it substantially did so with some hostility given how aged and cart a device is. we consider it was substantially too formidable for HTC and Verizon to simply omit a pleas and questions from all a people that bought into a ThunderBolt in 2011.

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I wouldn’t be astounded if HTC expelled a ThunderBolt refurbish in September.

Many have sworn off HTC and Verizon after their practice with a ThunderBolt and we can’t suppose how many some-more would do a same if a ThunderBolt never got a singular vital Android update.

I’ll contend this though. we was a small astounded that HTC and Verizon motionless to put themselves into a box with a recover window for a ThunderBolt Ice Cream Sandwich update. we always suspicion that they would guarantee it yet leave a date open-ended, like what Motorola and Verizon unintentionally did with a Droid Bionic.

Instead, they motionless to tell ThunderBolt owners that Jul or Aug would be a recover month for a ICS update. And from here, that’s looking like a bad decision.

It’s transparent that HTC has a hands full. It betrothed all ICS upgrades by a finish of Aug and so far, Droid Incredible 2 owners, HTC Desire S owners and HTC ThunderBolt owners sojourn though a refurbish with reduction than 48 hours to go.

And while it’s probable that HTC will hurl out not one, not two, yet 3 Ice Cream Sandwich updates tomorrow, my feeling is that a HTC ThunderBolt refurbish and maybe a others too, will skip a deadline and will hurl out subsequent month.

Four reasons for this.

tbolt111-246x3001. HTC and Verizon totally missed a Jul ascent window for a HTC Rezound and afterwards simulated as if zero happened when it expelled a program in early Aug instead. It’s transparent that conjunction association has any problem violation refurbish promises.

2. HTC’s Facebook comment has stopped revelation ThunderBolt owners that Aug is still in a cards. Instead, it has been intensely deceptive about a update’s arrival.

3. Verizon’s website stays though an HTC ThunderBolt ICS refurbish changelog, something that is customarily posted forward of a widespread hurl out.

4. Verizon might have schooled that attack a deadline for a consequence of attack a deadline substantially isn’t as intelligent as it sounds. The Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX updates were expelled on a final day of their betrothed refurbish window and both pieces of program are tormented with bugs. So, it’s probable that HTC and Verizon wish to equivocate something similar. (The HTC Rezound refurbish was smooth, from what we can tell.)

The HTC ThunderBolt doesn’t have a kind of hardware a Droid RAZR and Droid RAZR MAXX have either. And furthermore, I’ve listened from ThunderBolt owners who have commissioned a ICS ROM and have gifted a lot of sluggishness, expected do to HTC Sense.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not observant that a HTC ThunderBolt refurbish won’t hurl out tomorrow, yet we would be repelled to see a full-on widespread hurl out take place tomorrow.

Instead, we consider possibly that there will be an announced hurl out that will act as a soak exam (like a HTC Rezound update) or Sep 21st will come and go though an update.

What do we guys think?

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