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4 Non-Traditional Mobile Devices to Take Your Field Service Organization to …

4 Non Traditional Mobile Devices to Take Your Field Service Organization to a Next Level picture google potion navigation featureMove your mobile plan over only smartphones and tablets. These new mobile inclination and accessories can change how we yield service.

Mobile tablets and smartphones have infiltrated how margin use organizations run their businesses. Mobile is apropos a contingency rather than a oppulance as some-more companies comprehend a advantages of softened capability and entrance present information by regulating mobile in a field.

According to a Trimble 2014 Insight Report, 86% of organizations intend to deposit in record to urge their margin use operations and 70% of margin use companies trust a pivotal to achieving vital business goals is carrying a latest margin use record in place.

Clearly, mobile is permeating a margin use industry. But while normal mobile inclination like smartphones and tablets might seem apparent during this point, there’s been a new swell in non-traditional mobile inclination for margin use that are starting to see some craving play.

Here are some of a many sparkling new mobile products and accessories and how your margin use classification can take advantage of them.

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4 Exciting Mobile Devices Beyond Phone and Tablet

1. Unitech Barcode Scanner

This wireless tool can accompany your mobile device so we can keep lane of resources and tools with a click of a button. Just sync a scanner to your smartphone, tablet, or mechanism and watch it broadcast information in real-time.

2. Square Credit Card Scanner

Instead of wasting time promulgation bills and watchful days or weeks for payment, wouldn’t it be good if your business could get an check for their check and compensate it while a tech’s onsite? Well, with Square credit label scanner, they can. Square is an connection that runs as an app right on your mobile device. It’s giveaway for Apple and Android and even runs offline so it works when your techs are operative in areas with low or no connectivity.

3. Navdy, Feels like pushing in a future

Know where you’re going with present GPS maps and be safe? How many times have we used your phone’s GPS and had to peek down each few mins to see what a subsequent pierce was? Or got mislaid regulating old-fashioned maps on a normal GPS? Navdy eliminates those navigation problems by drumming into Google’s Maps app and lucent a directions onto your windshield. The GPS complement is easy to review and use, always updated, and concordant with Apple and Android phones.

4. Wearables for Enterprise Use

You’ve substantially listened about new wearable inclination like intelligent watches and Google Glass, though maybe not a box for how they can urge craving and margin use productivity. According to Motorola Solutions’ comparison maverick, Nicole Tricoukes, in a Venture Beat article: “I consider companies are going to find new avenues and ways to offer their customers. we consider they’re [wearables] going to be a front-end, to a information merger that expostulate a backend [data] analytics.”

As mobile becomes some-more zodiacally supposed among your competitors, incorporating wearables into your plan will be a good approach to consider outward a box and sojourn one-step-ahead.

What About Wearable Software?

While we could speak for ages about beautiful, sparkling mobile hardware, we know that, over time, hardware will change dramatically and turn out of date. In a Fast Co Labs essay about Wearable Software, David DeWolf, CEO of program solutions firm, 3Pillar, says that hardware has really small value, over time, to a consumer. Over time, he says, a value comes from insights that give us a program that runs on these devices.

As we try a advancements of wearable and integrated mobile devices, we should keep in mind that a value of wearable comes from how a record can assistance people urge their lives, or for a purposes, their businesses. So while a inclination are cool, wearable software’s actionable insights are running improved business decisions and reason a genuine value of relocating your use classification forward.

Conclusion: Mobile of a Future

While a superiority of mobile in margin use continues to grow, we’ll start to see some-more wearable and appendage inclination cocktail adult that give companies a rival edge.

According to TSIA Field Services 2014 attention analysts are presaging outrageous income impacts from wearables, with one guess awaiting margin services attention boost to boost by $1 billion or some-more annually.

The destiny of margin use is hinging on advancements in mobile hardware and software; we improved be ready.

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