It’s been good over a year given Apple final updated a Mac mini. The final refurbish was on 23 Oct 2012 and even those changes were modest. The whole of 2013 upheld and a Mac mini languished inexperienced by Apple. Therefore it’s not startling that many are seeking a question: “When is a new Mac mini entrance out?” Well, we’ve scoured a net to pierce we Macworld UK‘s best theory of a new Mac mini‘s recover date, specs and UK price. 

Apple has given zero divided about a new Mac mini. But formed on past knowledge and a existent specs of other Macs, it is easy to presupposition what to design from a new Mac mini. In this story we turn adult a latest information formed on what we reason to be convincing rumours and speculation, and a possess research of Apple rumours. We’ll refurbish this story as we go, so keep checking back. And when Apple creates a proclamation we can all have a good giggle during how wrong we were.

We plead a Macs that Apple competence launch in 2014 in this video.

2014 Mac mini recover date: When is a New Mac mini entrance out?

We had hoped that a Apple Store down time on a morning of 18 Jun competence meant a new Mac mini is on a way, though a Apple Store is now behind online with a new cheaper iMac, though zero more. We design this is going to meant lots of unhappy Apple watchers who were anticipating for a new Mac mini in June.

The Mac mini was a usually Mac left in Apple’s operation not to have been updated in 2013 (actually, that’s not totally true: a MacBook Pro though Retina arrangement stays untouched, though didn’t get an refurbish possibly and a Mac Pro usually squeezed a redesign in Dec 2013, though unequivocally few people had perceived one by midst January). So we can see since we’re awaiting Apple to announce a new Mac mini soon.

A forum print on MacRumours claimed to have contacted a Computer Store in Belgium and been told that a new Mac mini will launch during a finish of Feb and clearly that didn’t happen.

That’s not a usually gossip suggesting a new Mac mini is entrance soon. If we demeanour during a comments subsequent this story, reader Helicoidee is suggesting that French Apple reseller FNAC has told that no Mac minis are accessible in a 20 shops around Paris. The necessity of batch is mostly an denote that new models will be shipping soon. However, accessibility in a Apple Store is not constrained, with collect adult now for US residents, and shipping within 24 hours to a UK.

Why is a Mac mini delayed?

Perhaps there is not unequivocally a reason up. Apple’s never been that regimented about a Mac mini ascent cycle. In a past it’s waited a year and a half between refurbish to a system, so this check competence not be a check during all.

Is Apple going to pause a Mac mini?

We wish not though we have speculated about whether Apple competence pause a Mac mini in this article. We consider that Apple could confirm that, with desktop sales in decline, it doesn’t make adequate income out of a Mac mini. But we also advise there is a marketplace for a device, and that in a destiny it could turn even some-more critical for Apple.

There are also rumours that Apple will pierce out a low-cost iMac. Could this new iMac spell a finish of a Mac mini?

Will Apple redesign a Mac mini?

Another large doubt is: “Will a new Mac mini have a new design”. We’re not awaiting a vital visible or build redesign, though it is positively probable that it could get thinner and smaller, generally given it no longer has to accommodate a CD drive.

Right now a measure are 3.6cm high, 19.7cm wide, and it weighs 1.22kg. How about a Mac mini that has identical measure to an Apple TV (9.8cm wide, 2.3cm high, 0.27kg).

There has been some conjecture that a reason for a prolonged check is that Apple is looking during redesiging a Mac mini along a lines of a Mac Pro.

This was substantially dictated as an Apr Fool’s Day prank, though we like this describe of a prosaic Mac mini, as seen on Apple User.

Even better, how about a Mac mini that was also an Apple TV!

What is a Mac mini?

The Mac mini is Apple’s smallest desktop Mac and also a cheapest Mac, during £499. It’s a full-blown OS X desktop that fits into a self-contained framework no bigger than a set-top box. An inexpensive vital room Mac that lacks a energy of even some MacBooks and comes with no keyboard, rodent or display, though one that works ideally as a centre of your digital home – not slightest since it comes with HDMI sockets creation plugging it into a complicated TV a doddle.

There is also a Mac mini with OS X server accessible for £849.

Don’t forget: when we buy a Mac mini we also need a screen, mouse, and keyboard…

2014 Mac mini specs

At a impulse a entry-level Mac mini offers a 2.5GHz dual-core processor (Intel Ivy Bridge), 4GB RAM, 500GB tough drive, and Intel’s HD Graphics 4000.

Compare this to a subsequent cheapest Mac, a entrance turn MacBook Air with it’s 1.3GHx dual-core processor (Haswell), 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, and Intel’s HD Graphics 5000 (for £849).

Alternatively, a entry-level iMac has a 2.7GHz Quad-Core (Haswell) processor, 8GB RAM, 1TB tough drive, and Intel Iris Pro graphics. It costs £1,149.

Of march both a MacBook Air and iMac embody a screen, so a increasing cost (£350, £650) partly allows for that. After all, we could simply finish adult spending £350 on a shade to go with your Mac mini.

With that in mind a Mac mini is not a good understanding right now. For this reason we design that Apple will shortly supplement a Intel Haswell chip to a Mac mini: a some-more powerful, though reduction power-hungry processor. The pierce to Haswell means a integrate of things. Haswell processors will boost ubiquitous speed, to an extent. But many some-more critical is their outcome on graphics performance. According to Intel a Iris integrated graphics are means to double or triple a opening of existent Ivy Bridge chips, so a Mac mini should turn a viable games appurtenance for all though a many graphics heated games.

Currently a Mac mini facilities 4GB RAM as standard, we would like to see ramped that adult to 8GB in a subsequent model.

The other large change we wish to see in a 2014 Mac mini is a peep expostulate (it is now usually probable to supplement a 128GB SSD expostulate as a build to sequence option). While a 500GB tough expostulate in a stream entrance turn indication (and a 1TB tough expostulate in a £679 indication and a 2TB tough drives in a Server model) competence seem appealing to some, peep memory is so many faster that we trust it is good value a concede of storing additional files on an outmost tough drive. However, it seems doubtful that Apple would do divided with a tough expostulate storage choice all together as many workgroups select a Mac mini as a server and will need a additional ability and reduce prices that HD storage creates possible.

Another expected ascent is 802.11ac Wi-Fi. So-called ‘Gigabit’ Wi-Fi offers speeds adult to 3 times as quick as existent 802.11n wireless networks. This doesn’t meant your broadband will strech speeds of 1 Gigabit per second, though it does meant that a Mac mini won’t be a bottleneck in your home network, generally if we occur to be streaming video from it.

According to a Computer Store Belgium source, a new Mac mini will have Core i5 and i7 variants and 802.11ac Wi-Fi.

New Mac mini cost in UK

Despite a repute for scalping consumers Apple creates glorious use of a descending cost of components to say a domain though adding to a cost to consumers. The many new ascent of a Mac mini saw a cost sojourn a same, and in a time of low acceleration we design this trend to continue.

So a new Mac mini should cost around £499 inc VAT for a simple model, rising to £679 inc VAT for a indication with 1TB storage.