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13 Geeky Watches – Fifth Edition

Many of us are anticipating we have a tiny additional time on a hands these days. That means this is a ideal time to peruse a fifth book of 13 Geeky Watches, a new preference of unusual, interesting, and maybe somewhat bizarre timepieces that any have a certain geek appeal.

The Legend of a Chinese Zodiac—Year of a Rat

2020 is a Year of a Rat in a Chinese Zodiac, and what improved approach to applaud than with a Vacheron-Constatin Métiers d’Art Year of a Rat watch—a large watch with an engraved rodent (in bullion or rose gold) during a core of a dial. As if that weren’t enough, this watch is important for carrying no hands, instead regulating Vacheron-Constantin’s Caliber 2460 G4 movement, that displays a hours, minutes, day, and date in 4 apertures. Limited to 12 pieces in any style, they cost $118,000 (platinum) and $98,000 (pink gold). Vacheron-Constantin also offers a Year of a Pig and a Year of a Dog varieties.

Batman Caped Crusader 80th Anniversary Watch

Undone’s initial titanium timepiece, a Batman Caped Crusader 80th Anniversary Watch is a loving, notation loyalty to Gotham City’s many famous resident. While a watch looks good during a day, it unequivocally shines during night—the hour indicators heat a pointed blue, a bat-signal (a sheltered second hand) shines with a yellowish-green fluorescence, and a immature “radar scope” pattern appears on a watch’s dial. The caseback is printed with a Batman 80th Anniversary logo, and a black leather tag with yellow stitching unequivocally brings it together. An glorious watch for any Batman fan. One tiny oversight: a climax is emblazoned with a Undone heading U, not a Bat Symbol. $359.

Last Laugh Tattoo

The Last Laugh Tattoo from Mr. Jones Watches facilities a distinguished pattern by British tattoo artist Adrian Willard (whom I’d never listened of until we stumbled opposite this watch). According to Willard, he modeled his pattern on a iconography of a Mexican Day of a Dead festival. The Last Laugh is important for carrying no hands. Instead, a hour and notation are displayed on a skull’s tip and reduce incisors. $275.

Égard Automatic Rush

You competence remember Canadian MMA fable Georges St-Pierre from his brief (and facial hair-free) tour as Batroc a Leaper in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. (If not, we discussed it on these unequivocally pages.) But watch aficionados know St-Pierre (nicknamed “Rush” since of his discerning and fit fighting style) as a namesake for and engineer of a Égard Watch Company’s Rush watch. Originally launched on Kickstarter, a timepiece, expel in Égard’s heading form style, facilities an engraved caseback depicting GSP delivering a signature “Superman punch.” A grand watch—if we can find it. $1,200.

Caliper Slide View

If a unchanging aged calculator watch isn’t geeky adequate for you, afterwards a Caliper Slide View competence be usually what you’re looking for. In further to being a high-quality self-winding watch, it incorporates a operative slip order right into a bezel. Simply spin a climax to stagger a slip order and make some discerning calculations. Each watch also comes with a apart 3-inch turn steel slip rule. $500.

Radar Watch

The dial of a What? Watch Company’s Radar Watch is designed to resemble a radial arrangement from a cold war-era radar console. With usually a pull of a symbol (the red one, naturally), we can select from between 200,000 opposite e-ink radar-like displays. $165.


The AVL II (short for involuntary selected lens), a distinguished watch from Tacs-Image, is designed to demeanour and feel like a selected camera, with focal length digits replacing a normal notation indicators. Plus, a bezel rotates, mimicking a focusing of a camera lens. The AVL II also facilities a dome-shaped clear to assistance sell a illusion, and a box even includes a tiny camera loop next a climax for combined effect. $550.

Shinola Lake Erie Monster

Shinola’s initial dive watch and flagship entrance in their Monster series, a Lake Erie Monster, pays loyalty to Bessie, a cryptid also famous as a Lake Erie Monster that was initial speckled in a namesake Great Lake approach behind in 1783. The watch itself is has a unequivocally classical design, yet a expel of a Lake Erie Monster, finish with blue turquoise eye, on a caseback unequivocally creates it mount out. The Lake Erie Monster was expelled with a grand steel box, suggestive of a fisherman’s tackle box, 3 opposite tag options, and a map of Lake Erie. $2,250 (though unequivocally tough to find).

Humanium 39 Automatic

Part of a collaboration series between Swedish watchmaker Triwa and Humanium Metal, a box of a Humanium 39 Automatic is expel from Humanium, that is done by recycling broken firearms confiscated from dispute zones. The classical pattern of a line-up gray dial is extended with red second palm and a turn date window that unequivocally stands out. $700.

Game Boy Watch

The Game Boy Watch is an central Nintendo watch designed to demeanour like a mini-Game Boy that tells time. But we can’t play games on it. Bummer. $30.

Hollywood Premiere Watch

The Premiere Watch from a Hollywood Watch Company is partial of a array of classic-styled watches all named after famous Los Angeles streets—Rodeo, Beverly, Sunset, Melrose, Mulholland, and more. But that’s not a usually tie to Hollywood—each watch is important for incorporating steel from a strange 1923 Hollywood Sign. $1,200.

Moon Invader Pac-Man Level III

The stylish Moon Invader Pac-Man Level III from high-end watchmaker RJ Watches in partnership with Bandai Namco hearkens behind to a nascent days of cupboard arcade games. The dial facilities a informed stage of Pac-Man and party of pursing ghosts (as good as a cherry power-up)—all in hand-detailed lacquer—set opposite lifted walls of a classical blue maze. The whole diorama sits on tip of a mirrored black finish that deepens a watch’s 3D effect. The caseback includes a grand Pac-Man medallion, and a blue rubber tag enhances a nostalgia. $15,700.

Q Watch

James Bond is famous for wearing high-end watches, yet in a arriving No Time to Die, MI6’s famous quartermaster has a new watch of his own. The Q Watch from Swatch facilities a turn immaculate steel box with blue indicators and red hands on tip of a pure dial that showcases a watch’s formidable mechanism. It also has a character-appropriate tartan plaid leather strap. Oh, and it comes in a unequivocally cold box that looks like something right out of Q Division. $220.

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Watch icons CC-BY–3.0 by artworkbean, Jake Dunham, Matt Caisley, Danny Sturgess, Vectors Market, and Simon Child around a Noun Project.

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