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10 Years. – droid

10 years is an huge volume of time. Think about how many things in life you’ve had around or finished for 10 years straight. Friendships and personal relations mostly don’t final that long. Diets many unequivocally don’t. Hopefully, your braid hasn’t. Your TV might. What about your pursuit – have we been there for 10 years? Your phone – owned it for a year, maybe two, right?

Here’s something that many of we have been doing for 10 years: unresolved out during Droid Life.

Yeah, man, we’re 10. Technically, we strike a 10-year symbol behind in November, yet Dec 2009 was a time when things ramped adult a bit around here, as we sat during my prior pursuit in healthcare, reckoning out ways to get Android 2.1 and all of a adorned new apps from a Nexus One onto my strange Motorola DROID.

Times were so many easier then, maybe even some-more satisfying. Simple given we all only had a singular phone. We all had a Motorola DROID and all wanted some-more from it. Satisfying given we could actually urge it, do some-more with it than we were sold, and accommodate people along a approach that were opposed for a same. That’s what Droid Life was afterwards – a site to assistance we get some-more out of your DROID. That one phone.

Not that currently is a hellhole of unsatisfying boringness, things are only so modernized that self-improvement on a Galaxy Note 10 isn’t unequivocally required or an option. Instead of toys too early for a visions of what they could and should have been, we now demeanour during phones as satisfied collection that are a many critical square of record we have around us.

In a 10 years we have been doing this, that’s a flattering cold thing to have watched happen. I’d suppose a PC universe went by this prolonged ago, yet there’s something special about carrying been (what we would like to consider is a big) partial of a a maturation of smartphones from decline to adulthood.

Here we are together still. 10 years of this damn pinkish website. 10 years!

So today, given we feel like there is another time for me to polish elegant about a life of Droid Life (and I’m also a wuss who doesn’t like articulate about himself), we unequivocally only wish to celebrate. I’m perpetually beholden to so many of we and we don’t know that giving sh*t divided is a best approach to continue to try and tell we that, yet that’s what we’re going to do.

We have a lot of stuff, some of that was given to us from some of a favorite companies, to welfare by giveaways and also on a special book of a Droid Life Show. There’s a good possibility you’ll finish this holiday Friday with a new charger, backpack, set of earbuds, a DL t-shirt, or a phone. We have a integrate of giveaways (SHIELD TV, OnePlus 7T) that will run for a subsequent integrate of days entrance adult here shortly too, yet a DL Show is a trivia-only partial that’ll be zero yet prizes to you. If we haven’t assimilated us before, we should consider about it. It’s indeed a lot of fun, even if we aren’t a podcast guy. That uncover will go live during 12PM Pacific (3PM Eastern).

Before we go and get started, we need to shoutout some of a homies who have helped put a calm we see here before those eyes. Big ups to Eric, Ron, Dan, Matt, Rithvik, Kyle, Kover, Joey, and Mr. Picolas. Also, Octotron and Mark on a moderating sticks. You garland of beasts.

Tim, we guys know a legend. Tim has been here given Aug 2010, so for roughly a whole life of Droid Life reduction a few months. He’s created 10,000 posts. 10-f*cking-thousand. 10,091 to be exact. From commenter to today, what a large partial of this story he’s been. we substantially can’t scrupulously demonstrate my appreciation for what he’s done, yet we wish we can all demeanour during a time, a work, a growing, and a steadiness that he has brought to a universe of Android over this decade. Unreal.

Thank you, everyone. we truly, truly meant that. The fun starts momentarily.

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