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10 many botched Android device launches ever

The Motorola Xoom was a initial “real” Android tablet. While a Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.0 kick it to market, a Xoom ran Android Honeycomb and was optimized for a incomparable form factor. There were  copiousness of issues with a Xoom and Honeycomb, though it served a purpose to uncover what Android was like on a incomparable device. The LTE variant, on a other hand, was a finish mess. This device cost a whopping $800, that was $200 some-more than a Wi-Fi usually Xoom. For that combined income we got no LTE—just a guarantee of a destiny upgrade.

There was no LTE hardware in a Xoom, that was really new for Verizon during a time. Instead, buyers were told they’d be means to ascent their device to support LTE in a entrance weeks. That finished adult stretching into months. Update didn’t turn accessible until seven months after a device launched. You had to bureau reset your inscription and send it divided for Verizon to implement a LTE modem, that took about a week. As we can imagine, sales of a LTE Xoom were flattering bad. Don’t guarantee what we can’t deliver.

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